Nåd Roxi Denim Dress

Nåd Roxi Denim Dress

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Nåd champions classic silhouettes which are reimagined with contemporary details. The ‘Roxi’ dress is the perfect style, cut in a tiered loose silhouette that can be tied freely around the neck over a bikini or dressed up for day to evening wear. Hand-Made from 100% reclaimed cotton poplin.

Nåd, meaning Grace in English, is part of the brands design ethos, focusing on the smoothness and style of movement through silhouette, fabric and accessories. Adopting a Scandinavian design style of simplicity and minimalism. The brands designer fuses her signature with tropical modernism influences, a movement which was very much adopted within Sri Lanka

Nåd commits to making a meaningful difference by selecting fabrics that are up-cycled or have eco-friendly credentials. 

This product was created using Considered Materials. Find out more about our fabric choices on our Sustainable Feed.