The Brand

Nåd, meaning Grace in English, is part of the brands design ethos, focusing on the smoothness and style of movement through silhouette, fabric and accessories.
Adopting a Scandinavian design style of simplicity and minimalism. The brands designer fuses her signature with tropical modernism influences, a movement which was very much adopted within Sri Lanka, in the late 1970s, thanks to Geoffrey Bawa.
The designer, Joanne Stoker, who now lives in Colombo, takes a great inspiration from her surroundings, with strong vibrant colours, which are part of her signature style. Sourcing light breathable fabrics in cotton poplins, jersey and fine muslin, these are reclaimed and re-worked through her Mondrian style pattern cutting and clean silhouettes. Described as ‘Chuck on’ the brands silhouettes are voluminous and are all free size for easy wearing.
The spirit of Nåd ´Wherever life plants you, Bloom with Grace´

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